Devastation in Pakistan. Families need immediate help

Savayra Foundation UK has adopted flood-hit villages Near Nowshera to help rehabilitate the victims.

The Villages adopted are named Kacha Ghari, Pashtun Gari and Chowki Ttarab. These villages are approx 1.5 KM away from River Kabul in Tehsil Pabbi .

Savayra Foundation UK is running a relief camp for 200 families with approx. 12,000 people in Tehsil Pabbi, one of the worst hit by the floods with the support of like minded and generous philanthropists of UK.

Apart from adopting a village, Savayra Foundation has already donated Rs.3 lakh towards the rehabilitation programme of flood victims providing them with basic essentials such as Water Coolers, Kitchen Utensils, Pillows, Shoes & Clothes sewn at Savayra Foundation Skills Centers.

Pakistan is facing a growing humanitarian crisis as worsening floods are affecting even more people than the Boxing Day Tsunami and Haiti earthquake combined. Millions of families have already lost their homes and have no food or clean water, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea.

Savayra Foundation UK is working on the ground to ensure that life-saving aid is getting through. Savayra Foundation Aims to provide, Tents, Cookers,Drinking Water, Kitchen utensils & Gas Cylinders and basic Medical Supplies for all 200 families adopted in the course of next few weeks.