Savayra Skill Centres

Savayra Foundation UK

For many women education is not an option.

In Pakistan and Azad Kashmir women are often divorced or widowed at an early age but at a time when it’s too late to gain a school education. Sadly the only option usually available is domestic work or sweat shops which can make them vulnerable to abuse.

Savayra Foundation UK vision of “skills to sustain” and “tools for trade” was the backdrop to the first Savayra Skill Centre in 2003

Up until recently Savayra Foundation UK had 5 skill centers operating in District Rawalpindi & Gujerkhan. These Skills Centers have amalgamated into our Bespoke State of the art Building near Bewal, District Rawlpindi.

The new skill centre is the HUB of SFUK projects, providing training in sewing, knitting, embroidery, fabric painting, and local crafts. Courses are run on six monthly intervals with a certificate and prize giving ceremony including the providing of sewing machines to graduating students.

A computer lab has been created at the center to provide IT related courses. The courses are designed to improve employability of academic students who don’t have access to technology locally otherwise. SFUK aims to provide courses to educate students how to take advantage of internet and e-commerce to generate income for themselves.

In order to provide a complete training experience, facilities have been created which provide specialized in Hair & Beauty. Trainees are given the opportunity to cover a diverse range of skills such as hair styling, hairdressing, aesthetics, and skin care.

Over 3000 women have benefitted from this program to date.