Who we are?

Savayra Foundation UK

Savayra Foundation UK is a UK registered women’s empowerment charity working in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. The charity aims to empower widows, divorcees, orphan girls and other financially destitute women through skills, education and other poverty relief programmes.

Established in 2002, Savayra Foundation UK has been supporting lasting economic and social development in deprived areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Since 2002 the Savayra Foundation UK has journeyed from a small aid organisation to a focus on trade and economic self sufficiency for the communities in which it is engaged.

Savayra Foundation UK is now one of the biggest women’s empowerment organisations working in Districts Rawalpindi and Gujerkhan.

With your support we will continue improving the quality of life in poor communities through education and social development.

Savayra Foundation UK is an independent charity registered with the British Charity Commission.

To date hundreds of people have served as Savayra Foundation UK donors and volunteers to help and organise fundraising events & deliver vital projects.

With your support we will continue to provide hope & opportunity in needy communities. Your small donation can make a big difference.